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Procyon is out!

Our newest bot is here!

Looking for a Moderation bot for your Discord server? Well then Procyon is the best choice of course!
Our bot comes equipped with all the essential mod commands, as well as many services that will make moderating your Discord server a walk in the park.

Goodbye commands,
hello reactions!

With it’s Control Panel system, Procyon makes activating, deactivating and adjusting services a task you can do in any device, in a second! That’s right! Just react with a number and Procyon will handle everything else!

React with the given numbers to activate services in a whim!

Many free services that put the baddies to shame!

Right now Procyon provides 2 services, and another 2 are in development as you read this! We will be updating this post once they are out as well of course.
The available services are Logging and Word Filtering, both of which will facilitate modding your server by a lot! With the Logging service, every time something of importancy happens, Procyon will let you know in a channel of your choice, with every detail!
The Word Filtering service doesn’t come behind either. With it’s advanced word recognition, it will act against racial slur or insults (Depends on your choice) of all kinds, and protect all your users from the occasional toxic person!

And much more to come!

Stay tuned for new updates soon! Don’t forget to check out our website routinely for the latest news, and of course, if you want to invite Procyon to your Discord server, you can do so here. See ya!

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