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It all started when I was just a kid. I played all kinds of games, and one day, when I was visiting my cousin, I saw him playing a game called Outlive. It amazed me, for it was the first game I had ever seen that was dubbed in Portuguese, something that was practically impossible at the time. I was immediately in love with that game, and when I obtained a copy, I couldn’t stop playing it.

Until one day, a bit older, I decided to search who were the creators of such an amazing game, and I discovered no more no less, that the creators of Outlive were a Brazilian company. And that company had just gone bankrupt.

It was in that day that I decided that I would create my own games, just like that company did with Outlive, and bring happiness to many people. In the year 2018 I founded Braven Bit Games, and started working on transforming my dream onto reality.

The goal of Braven Bit Games is not to just make money. It’s not to be just another game dev studio. We want to change the system. We make games because that makes us happy, and we want to make others happy as well. We are proud of saying that our products have improved the lives of many people that were having problems in life, and our products brought them the happiness and fun they needed to keep going.

With our Free Products Initiative, we develop completely free apps and games for everyone, without payments, without ads, without data collection. Anyone, in any place of the world, has access to these products, which were developed with lots of care and kindness, for you.

– Bryan Gomes, founder of Braven Bit Games

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