Our motivations

We at Braven Bit Games work hard to develop and maintain high quality products for the sole purpose of bringing joy and happiness to all of our customers. This is our goal, this is our mission.

Free Products Initiative

Some of our products are free of charge, with no ads, data collection or micro-transactions.

This is due to an initiative we have started, conveniently called the “Free Products Initiative”. It’s objective is as simple as it is kind hearted: To provide as many people as we can with good, free products.

Donating matters

By donating to Braven Bit Games you are contributing to our studio as a whole. All of the money will be well spent on improving our studio as well as developing new products and maintaining the existing ones, specially products from the Free Products Initiative. It is a kind act that will not be forgotten. You may donate anything you can. Any and all contributions you make can and will help a lot.

Donate now

And help us with our goal. Together we can improve the lives of many people. We count with a userbase of over 140.000 people already!